Guide in Florence and Pisa

Eliza Florence Tour Guide There is a famous proverb saying curiosity killed the cat. In my case, I can say Curiosity changed my life. I was born and raised in Romania in a period of time with no cable TV, lack of information about Western Europe, no possibility to have a better education than the one promoted by the communist government. I was that type of child stressing my parents with a thousand “whys” and since middle school I discovered a profound interest in learning foreign languages. I still remember the first time I saw a photo of Michelangelo’s “Pietà”, I felt like Cupid hit me with his arrow and since then I started a real treasure hunt in search of art books forgotten on dusty shelves in any library or bookstore I could find. Constant reading, my enormous curiosity and a huge interest in Renaissance art helped me find my path in life. In 2000, while I was studying Foreign Languages and Cultures at University in Romania, I won a scholarship that gave me the opportunity to continue my studies here in Italy where I graduated from University. It was a dream come true. I continued my studies in art history and after 15 years of living and working in Florence, I consider myself a real Florentine. I realized that in life, nothing was impossible, the only thing I had to do was following my heart. After working for some years for different travel companies from Italy and Canada, I found my calling as a licensed tour guide of Florence. I recently became a licensed tour guide of Pisa too and even if in old times people of Pisa were Florence’s enemies I even found my soul mate in the shade of the Leaning Tower. Well, love is blind after all. I now moved from Florence to Pisa, that’s about 49 miles, but fortunately I’m in Florence every day, continuing my love affair with this gorgeous city.

When I’m not working, I spend my time reading especially ancient philosophy and hermetic teachings, but I also love hanging out with friends for a glass of wine or a typical aperitivo, a Negroni cocktail, as Florence’s tradition requires.


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